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Most of my recent writing has appeared in the pages of New Architect and Web Techniques, the CMP Media magazines where I served as senior technology editor. Unfortunately, both have now ceased publication, but the archives are still maintained online. For your convenience, I maintain a page of links to my own writing, though the actual articles are hosted on CMP's servers.

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Between 1998 and early 2002, I wrote a regular column for, the online news and entertainment wing of the San Francisco Chronicle. I wrote about subjects relative to the Internet, the computer industry, and high tech in general. My editor throughout the experience was the lovely and talented Ms. Amy Moon.

In addition to appearing on SFGate, at various times these articles were linked to by a variety of other sites, including Wired News, CNet, MacWeek, Slashdot, MacNN, MacInTouch, and others.

My goal in writing these articles was to educate the layman about technology and computing, as well as to inspire people to think about some of the questions that confront us in the Information Age. When I look at a lot of technology journalism online today, I feel like so much of it is nothing more than advertising. A writer will re-interpret a company's press release in such a way that it sounds like a news story. That's not news, it's product marketing, and it's something I stand firmly against.

If I didn't always succeed in the goals of my column at SFGate, I hope that my readers will at least be left with the impression that I tried to communicate something unique, personal, and thought-provoking; something that you may not necessarily get from the front pages of the more mainstream computer trade press.

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